Business Partnerships

We partner, collaborate and interact with agricultural and agribusiness stakeholders to link our members; the farmers towards advancing the business of production, processing and marketing.

Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Food Security (FMoAFS)

AFAN Principal partner driving policy and strategic implementation to national economic growth & development.

Huayun/AFAN Partnership on Export and Import strategies

Imports & exports of Agricultural products, selling of the machinery, General Contract and Merchandise.

Promoting the cause of agriculture and encouraging prospective students into a career in agribusiness

ADAN is the peak body and represents issues of common interest as it affects agricultural activities in universities and cooperates on projects of mutual benefit. It is working with AFAN to promote agribusiness amongst students of tertiary institutions.

Feed the Future International U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative

AFAN and Feed the Future working to break the cycle of poverty, hunger and malnutrition in Nigeria. Working hand-in-hand with AFAN to develop the agricultural sectors to break the vicious cycle of poverty and hunger. Helping people feed themselves and creating important opportunities for a new generation of young people, while building a more stable world.

Afrimech Consult Ltd, advancing agribusiness solutions through mechanization solutions, precision agriculture, research & development

Engages with AFAN in Agribusiness, Agri-mechanization solutions, research and development (R&D), inputs development, production and Training. Afrimech sale and service Agri-mechanization equipment and takes initiative to develop new agribusiness service models.

Partners with Health Mangement Organizations

AFAN Partners with Alleanza Health with Heaquarters in Lagos and Ashmed Integrated Health Services for Corporate Health plan offers, value adding and comprehensive healthcare solutions to guarantee a healthy agricultural communities and workforce, for the right HMO coverage, for the right care.

Viking Genetics - Innovative Breeding

In supporting getting healthy, efficient, trouble-free cows with the highest milk production and lowest use of antibiotics and hormones. AFAN shares the idea to help cattle rearers to breed the healthiest cows with the highest milk production in the world. At VikingGenetics; Denmark, provides science-based bovine genetic products and solutions for progressive dairy and beef producers around the world. Viking’s passion is to help you as a farmer achieve your business goals, farm sustainably, and enjoy life.

Prime Commodity Exchange (PCX)

PCX is using cutting edge technology and optimized supply chain management. AFAN partners with PCX to transform the agricultural commodity warehousing finance and receipting protocol to address farmers challenges faced during harvest and storage and to support farmers to access funds with lien on their stored assets.

Agrivest Media Services Ltd

Agrivest Media Services Ltd in Collaboration with All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) presents The Agrivest Reality TV Challenge Show which is a ground-breaking project that aims to uncover the next generation of agribusiness experts. believing in the power of agribusiness to transform lives, communities, and economies. The reality TV challenge show will test young people’s skilful knowledge, business acumen, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and ability to adapt to a competitive environment. In quest of self-sufficiency in food production in Nigeria, the Agrivest Reality TV Challenge Show is a comprehensive Agribusiness Training, Advocacy and Mentoring programme delivered on an entertainment platform.





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