The Farmers Association of Nigeria (FAN) was created in 1987 as a non-governmental, non-profit organization established to represent the interests of Nigerian farmers. The organization’s primary aim was to promote agricultural development and ensure that the Nigerian agricultural sector thrives.

The association comprises of farmers from all over Nigeria, who are involved in different types of farming activities such as crop production, fisheries, poultry, livestock, agro-processing, and more.

AFAN was founded in 2004 as the apex and umbrella body for Farmers and Commodity Associations in Nigeria at the instance of the former Executive President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria – His Excellency, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR). AFAN serves as a unifying force that brings Nigerian farmers together to work towards sustainable agricultural development. Over the years, AFAN has played a vital role in providing a platform for farmers to express their grievances and engage with policymakers to influence policies that affect them. The association has also provided training and capacity building programs that have helped farmers to improve their skills and knowledge, which in turn has increased their productivity and yields.

The association in its commencement was first led by HE (VA rtd.) Murtala Nyako GCON, CFR, followed by Late Mr. Femi Coker, Alhaji (Dr.) Shettima Mustapha former Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Defence and PDP BOT member, followed by Senator Abdullahi Adamu former Nassarawa State Governor, followed by Arc. Kabiru Ibrahim, and currently is being led by Alh. (Dr.) Farouk Rabiu Mudi.

In 2021, the association underwent significant restructuring of state, zonal, local government and ward level chapters to ensure that all farmers in Nigeria have a voice and are adequately represented. The restructuring also resulted in the formation of a national executive committee responsible for coordinating the activities of all the state and local chapters.AFAN has been at the forefront of advocating for improved policies that will benefit farmers in Nigeria. In recent times, the association has lobbied the Nigerian government to develop policies and programs that support small-scale farmers, including the provision of credit facilities, subsidies, and access to modern technology and right to food. It has also not relent in its efforts, it further advanced to Public, Private Partnership where private sector and input suppliers collaborate to support food production, processing and marketing both within and outside Nigeria.

Today, AFAN is one of the most influential and the most organized agricultural organizations in Nigeria, representing millions of farmers across the country. The association remains committed to promoting sustainable agriculture, ensuring food security, and providing farmers with a platform to engage with policymakers to influence policies that will positively impact their lives.

National Executive Council
Local Government Executives
Ward Level

What we do?

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Partnership & Business Development
AFAN leadership partners with Government, Private Sector, Stakeholders for inputs and Business Development, paving ways for farmers to ease production.
Production & Processing
Support its members to access inputs and process same through its value chains for consumption and/or as industrial inputs.
AFAN ensures linkages to prospective buyers for thier goods, also ensures food safety and consumer protection, Trade regulation and producer protection, Research and education, and market efficiency

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